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Egg Care & Display

Decorated eggs from Bowstring Art Studio are protected by 2-3 coats of gloss varnish. The varnish on the egg helps with water resistance but the Ukrainian egg dyes can still be degraded by sunlight, and the eggs can be damaged by falls.

To ensure lasting enjoyment, the eggs need to be stored away from direct sunlight and water splash zones. They benefit from gently handling, occasional dusting with a soft tissue and stable display stands.

Whole eggs need to breathe; they need to be stored in a non-plastic environment. They will dry out eventually. To achieve even drying, they need to be turned at least once a month. When the drying egg yolk is stuck to one side the egg becomes weighted. Weighted eggs can be used for patterns that have a specific top and bottom side, for example, a custom message that would always end up on top. With luck the egg may dry evenly and with the dried yolk free inside so the egg may become a rattle. Don't shake it too hard. It is an egg after all.

  • Keep away from sun and water
  • Handle gently when showing or dusting
  • Store whole eggs in a breathable container or environment
  • Turn whole eggs regularly until dried